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David Tennant Sure Sounds Like He’s Done With Doctor Who for a Long Time

Screenshot: BBCDavid Tennant is the most popular actor to play the Doctor of the modern era—arguably, brushing up against Tom Baker’s fourth incarnation to be the most popular of them all, full stop—so it’s no surprise that he’s kept slowly but surely returning as Doctor Who celebrates its big birthdays over the last decade. But after coming back as an entirely new Doctor last year, Tennant seems to be very much entering his Retirement Lord era.Why Bitcoin won’t reach $1,000,000 “The door is not any more open than it ever

One of the Doctor Who Christmas Special’s Best Scenes Was a Disney Suggestion

When the BBC announced that it was partnering with Disney to bring Doctor Who to its international streaming audience under the show’s latest era, there was some bristling that the House of Mouse would have an element of creative control, rather than simply financial involvement. But speaking on Disney’s influence on the show so far, returning showrunner Russell T. Davies revealed they were responsible for the addition of one key scene in “The Church on Ruby Road.”Alan Cumming on playing King James in Doctor Who“The…

On Doctor Who, Christmas (and Friendship) Is Magic

When you’ve been around for 60 long years like Doctor Who has, growth and evolution is the name of the game. Not just in new places each week, new heroes and friends and villains along the way, but the show has adapted and built its own riff on genre after genre of storytelling thanks to its remit. But as Doctor Who entered a new era this holiday season, it did so making its latest change feel a little bit bigger than usual.Gizmodo’s Top Five Gadgets of 2023Simultaneously a lot and not much at all goes on in “The Church…

Tell Us What You Thought of Ncuti Gatwa’s Debut in Our Festive Doctor Who Spoiler Discussion Zone

Image: BBCIt’s Christmas, and that can only mean one thing we’ve been waiting simultaneously six years and also just three weeks for: Doctor Who is back for a festive treat, and it’s bringing a new Doctor and companion, and a whole new era, along for the ride. Need somewhere to talk about everything that just happened? We’ve got you covered.Alan Cumming on playing King James in Doctor Who“The Church on Ruby Road” isn’t just our first full showcase for Ncuti Gatwa’s 15th Doctor, nor is it just for the introduction of his

Doctor Who’s Big Regeneration Twist Means Everything and Nothing

In contemporary fandom, canon is king. This is not a jab against an admiration of an ordered continuity and worldbuilding, the necessary aspects of creating a story to be lost in. But what goes beyond it—a yearning for raw, wiki-able data and facts that can be collated and held in amber, where interpretation gives way to a singular thesis—often threatens to override it. Which is why for Doctor Who, a show that has spent 60 years growing and changing and writing over and under itself, its latest shock is less about…

Doctor Who Intros Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor in New Videos

For Doctor Who fans, the introduction of a new Doctor is always an event in and of itself. After months of teasing and set photos, yesterday’s third and final 60th anniversary special formally introduced the world to Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor.Zillow Says You’ll Buy Your Next House With… AI? | AI UnlockedTo mark the occasion, BBC released three videos focused on the new Who era he’s ushering in. The first hypes up his debut solo adventure, The Church on Ruby Road special airing on Christmas. In it, the Doctor is…

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2023 First Look–Ncuti Gatwa Debuts

Image: BBCIf you thought Miriam Margolyes’ the Meep was the apex of Doctor Who’s creepy little guys, then either good or bad news: things are going to get so much creepier littler and guy-er this Christmas.Although we still have two more 60th anniversary specials to look forward to, the BBC has lifted the lid on “The Church on Ruby Road,” Doctor Who’s first Christmas Day special since 2017. The episode marks the formal debut of Ncuti Gatwa’s 15th Doctor, as well as his first companion, Ruby Sunday, played by Millie

David Tennant’s New Doctor Makes Surprise Debut

Image: BBCThe 14th Doctor has arrived—a little earlier than we first expected. Although Doctor Who will return to TV in a little over a week in a big way to celebrate its 60th anniversary in a trio of specials, tonight the BBC released a short scene marking the first onscreen adventure for David Tennant’s latest take on the Time Lord.Alan Cumming on playing King James in Doctor WhoAired as part of the BBC’s annual charity telethon Children in Need, this clip sees the 14th Doctor cross paths with a mysterious man (Mawaan

Doctor Who’s Ncuti Gatwa on Playing a Black Doctor

Image: Pool / Pool (Getty Images)Ncuti Gatwa’s press campaign for the new season of Doctor Who now includes a in-depth interview with Rolling Stone, where he goes into his personal connections with Doctor Who and how he balances his Black identity with the expectations of fans. Gatwa also reflects on how his childhood shaped his take on the character.Alan Cumming on playing King James in Doctor WhoMuch of the recent storyline for Doctor Who has exploredthe idea that the titular character is the last Time Lord after a war