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Paprika the red panda meets her mate at the Greater Vancouver Zoo

A red panda named Paprika was introduced to her potential mate at the Greater Vancouver Zoo recently, as part of a conservation program for the endangered species. After being in quarantine since she arrived from the Toronto Zoo in December, the six-year-old red panda finally met her match, Arun, on Saturday. "I won't say that they are in love, but they are definitely enjoying being together," said Menita Prasad, director of animal care at the zoo. The hope is that the two will produce cubs as part of a species survival…

Greater Noida Expressway To Get Four-Lane Underpass, To End Traffic Congestion

Last Updated: February 07, 2024, 17:28 ISTGreater Noida Expressway To Get Four-Lane Underpass, To End Traffic Congestion. (Photo: Noida Expressway, which focuses on addressing traffic congestion, will benefit Noida residents in six sectors and seven villages throughout the region.The Noida Authority soon plans to construct a new four-lane underpass on the Greater Noida Expressway to improve traffic flow in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh.This strategic infrastructure project, which focuses on reducing…

A greater carbon sink than previously thought

Mangroves are major carbon sinks. New research shows that the climate mitigation effect is even better than previously thought. Credit: Luke Jeffrey Mangroves and saltmarshes sequester large amounts of carbon, mitigating the greenhouse effect. New research from the University of Gothenburg shows that these environments are perhaps twice as effective as previously thought.

Female mentors guide businesswomen to greater success

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain There are millions of entrepreneurs in developing countries. In fact, in emerging markets, more than half of all workers—both men and women—are small-firm owners. Many of them, unfortunately, are unable to earn a decent livelihood. And for the women, a persistent gender gap makes success even trickier. In an effort

Enhancing resilience of urban public transport systems through greater network interconnectedness

Multimodal public transport networks in Hong Kong. The six subsystems are MTR (yellow), light rail (cyan), franchised buses (red), green minibuses (green), ferries (black) and trams (blue). Credit: Nature Communications (2023). DOI: 10.1038/s41467-023-39999-w Cities are fortifying the resilience of their urban infrastructure networks to tackle potential unforeseen disruptions, particularly due to extreme weather resulting…

Prenatal opioid use linked to greater risk of immune-related conditions

A new study has found that exposing babies to prescription opioids, such as oxycodone, methadone and codeine, while they’re in the womb can increase their risk of developing immune-related conditions – particularly infections, eczema and asthma – in early childhood.When used during pregnancy, opioids have the potential to interfere with fetal development, affecting a wide range of body systems, including the immune system. Research using rat models suggests that opioid exposure during critical periods of fetal immune…

KCRW’s ‘Greater LA’ ending amid staffing shifts, departures

Santa Monica public radio station KCRW will part ways with more than a dozen staffers and end the popular podcast “Greater LA.”KCRW-FM (89.9) host Steve Chiotakis, who created “Greater LA,” announced on X (formerly Twitter) that the final episode of his daily news program would air Thursday, as “management is ending it after nearly 5 years.”“I am so grateful for the time we had, the wonderful people who helped put it together, and all the ears that listened,” he wrote. “Thank you for everything!”Chiotakis’ announcement…

Samsung’s 2024 Samse Fe sale starts in January with greater benefits

Last updated: December 26th, 2023 at 07:14 UTC+01:00 In an official blog, Samsung Electronics announced the return of the ‘2024 Samsung Electronics Sale Festa', aka ‘2024 Samse Fe'. The 2024 Samse Fe sale event will start in January and offer greater benefits. This sale event is taking place in South Korea to encourage customers to purchase Samsung smartphones, home appliances, and other products and start a new life in 2024. With the 2024 Samse Fe, Samsung Electronics is celebrating its 4th anniversary this year in…