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5 iOS 17 features that catch android users attention | Deets inside

Image Source : FILE iOS 17's NameDrop Feature Android is good for customisation, but iOS 17 introduces some cool features that make Android users a bit jealous. Five of these special iOS 17 features stand out, making Android users wish they had them too. NameDrop: Effortless Contact Sharing Say goodbye to the awkward dance of sharing contact info. iOS 17

iPhone auto-correct crashing? You’re not alone! Check out the ‘fix’

iPhones have a number of features that make work and other forms of communication and even play possible with minimal fuss. One of them is the Auto-correct feature. Its purpose is to spellcheck words as you type and automatically correct misspelled words. The iPhone keyboard also brings a predictive text feature, which can write and complete entire sentences with just a few taps. All these keyboard features are there to help you write quickly with minimal errors and thereby pump-up your productivity. But what if these…

iPhone tips and tricks: Talk to people easily in a different country; Know how to Translate Conversations

iPhone tips and tricks: Gone are the days when a phone was only used for calling, texting, and gaming. Today, smartphones are not just communication and recreational device but it also comes bundled with features that can do a wide range of tasks. From paying bills (UPI and Apple Pay), and keeping digital copies of your important documents such as your driver's license, to using it to control different devices across the home (Smart Home features), smartphones have become a utility tool. And among them, the Apple iPhone…

5 coolest iOS 16 features you need to try on your iPhone 13, iPhone 14 right NOW

With the reveal of iOS 17, we now know the new and exciting features that will soon be coming to iPhones. But iOS 16 isn't inferior by any means, and it brought tons of new features too when it was introduced, with the lock screen customization being the standout feature. While it has been out for nearly a year now, people are still discovering new features in iOS 16. Taking advantage of these features can, not only help enhance your user experience, but you can also show it off to your friends!Check out the 5 coolest…

iPhone tips and tricks: Know this screenshot secret and learn how to save it as PDF

iPhone tips and tricks: The Apple iPhone is renowned for its user-friendly software that simplifies everyday tasks effortlessly. It even overtakes Android in completing complicated tasks in a single flow. However, many of these remarkable features often remain hidden, leaving users unaware of the full potential of their smartphones unless they are Apple enthusiasts or have explored their smartphone extensively. Take, for instance, the process of capturing screenshots. Whether you possess the latest iPhone 14 or an older…

Your iPhone power button has SECRET features! Know how to use this trick

Just yesterday, May 16, Apple announced its range of accessibility features that will be introduced to iPhones with the iOS 17 update. These accessibility features are designed to enable people who suffer from disabilities around speech, vision, and motor functions in interacting with the smartphone in different ways. These features can be very helpful for users, but sometimes it can be difficult to find them through the settings tab. This is where the iPhone power button, also known as the side button, comes into play.…

iOS 16.5 update coming! Just check out the iPhone features Apple may roll out

Apple has been rolling out iOS 16 updates at a fast and furious pace since its launch. We were left impressed by the iOS 16.4 update that came with loads of new features for iPhones. Now, the iOS 16.5 update is also on its way. In fact, it is expected to be released for all iOS 16-supported iPhone users in the next week, 9to5Mac reported. Although, only a limited number of new features are expected, but importantly, there will be many security patches and other improvements that will likely be rolled out, which will make…

This Apple iPhone feature can help thieves steal your money! Here’s how to stop them

Apple iPhone users use the passcode feature on the device to help protect their data. But what if we tell you that the passcode can give thieves access to your data and money? Shocking right? According to a report published by The Wall Street Journal's Joanna Stern and Nicole Nguyen, there have been instances of thieves spying on the target's iPhone passcode before stealing the device to get access to their data."The thieves are exploiting a simple vulnerability in the software design of over one billion iPhones active

Your iPhone can work as a magnifying glass! You need an iPhone 12 Pro and above with iOS 16

Your iPhone can help to magnify objects with a simple trick! Know how to use the iPhone Magnifier app on an iPhone 12 Pro and above with iOS 16. Your iPhone is an awesome replacement for several most useful gadgets and this includes a magnifying glass. Yes, your iPhone can work as a magnifying glass too, courtesy the amazing Magnifier app, which allows you to zoom in on objects near you. You will need an iPhone 12 Pro and above with iOS 16 for it to work. Not just that, you can also use your iPhone to detect people,

Get iPhone message alert tone to identify the sender in a jiffy; Here’s how

You can set a customized message alert tone on your iPhone in a few simple steps. Know how to set it up in simple steps. Every time the phone buzzes about the arrival of a new message, you check if it is important only to find that it is a spam message. But what if we tell you that there is a trick that will tell you in advance who is texting you? Yes, your iPhone has this special feature that will allow you to set a custom alert tone for text messages received from a specific person in your contacts. This will save