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OG Ghostbusters Aren’t Just Fan Service in Frozen Empire, Says Director

Image: Sony/Columbia PicturesOnce Star Wars: The Force Awakens brought back Luke, Han, and Leia to massive box office success, legacy sequels really started working overtime to keep the original (and available) franchise stars around when possible. Ghostbusters: Afterlife brought back the still-living Ghostbusters from the original two movies, and they’re back again alongside an also-returning Annie Potts for March’s Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire. Are Fans Tired of Marvel and DC? Superhero Fatigue at NYCC 2023Talking to SFX

Luke Combs Reflects on ‘Unreal’ Grammys Duet With Tracy Chapman

Luke Combs is still riding the high of his 2024 Grammys duet with Tracy Chapman. The country star reflected on Sunday’s awards ceremony and his moving performance of “Fast Car” with the singer-songwriter on Instagram, calling the moment “unreal.” “What an unreal Grammy week to say the least,” Combs wrote. “There were so many laughs, tears, hugs, and cheers that it almost doesn’t seem real. From the hotel hangs and rehearsals, to the dinners and post show pizza, the vibes were HIGH.” Combs included a series of…

Luke Combs on Tracy Chapman Grammys Performance – The Hollywood Reporter

Luke Combs took a moment to reflect on his Grammys week, including his already-iconic performance of “Fast Car” with Tracy Chapman. Combs and Chapman, who broke out in the late ’80s and doesn’t often make public appearances, broke the internet on music’s biggest night with a performance of her song that he covered and received a Grammy nomination for. The country singer posted a carousel of images of his time in Los Angeles, which featured photos of him with Chapman, his wife, Ed Sheeran and…

Tracy Chapman, Luke Combs’ Grammy duet jump-starts ‘Fast Car’

Tracy Chapman’s 1988 hit “Fast Car” and her self-titled debut album just got another bump up the charts thanks to her Sunday drive-through at the Grammy Awards.The original “Fast Car” singer had the audience inside Arena rapt while she sang a duet with Luke Combs, the country star who covered the decades-old classic on his 2023 album “Gettin’ Old.”The cross-generational pairing — she’s 59, he’s 33 — took the Grammys by storm in the middle of an actual storm in Los Angeles as the second in the evening’s…

Watch Tracy Chapman Perform ‘Fast Car’ With Luke Combs at 2024 Grammys

Nine years since her last live television performance, Tracy Chapman made a rare appearance at the 2024 Grammy Awards to sing her 1988 hit “Fast Car” with Luke Combs, the country star who turned a new audience onto Chapman’s song with his cover version and earned a Grammy nomination in the process. In a video before the performance, Combs talked about the song’s memorable opening guitar lick, a snippet that expertly telegraphed the performance that was to come: A tight shot on Chapman’s hands playing her acoustic…

Tracy Chapman, Luke Combs to Perform Massive Hit ‘Fast Car’ at Grammys

Chapman, who has not played publicly in years, will return to the stage on during Sunday's ceremony Tracy Chapman will perform her iconic hard-luck anthem “Fast Car” for a duet with Luke Combs during the 2024 Grammys on Sunday evening, Rolling Stone can confirm. The single reached history-making heights following a cover from Luke Combs that topped Billboard‘s Country Airplay chart, making Chapman the first-ever Black woman to have the sole songwriting credit on a Number One country hit.

Hey Star Wars, Can We Get Movie and Show Titles That Aren’t Just Character Names Again?

Did The Rise of Skywalker and rampant speculation over just which Skywalker is rising, who a Skywalker is, and why they’re rising break some brains over at Lucasfilm? Almost every bit of Star Wars on the small screen we’ve gotten since (and planned for the big one) is a character title, named for an individual or the group we’re following. What happened to a bit of flair?‘I Started a Yoda Fan Club’This is, admittedly, a cause for concern about as low on the list as you can get when it comes to the future of Star Wars…

Marvel Rumor Teases How Daredevil, Spider-Man, & Luke Cage Will Team-Up In The MCU

If rumors are true, then it's a given that Spider-Man and Daredevil will play a vital part in putting the "Devil's Reign" and "Gang War" stories on-screen. As Cosmic Circus speculated, pieces have been put in place to tee up Fisk's rise to the mayor's office — thanks to the likes of "Hawkeye," "Echo," and, eventually, "Daredevil: Born Again." All of these properties contain players that are vital to dethroning Fisk. Still, we don't know which heroes or super-powered people in these upcoming shows will…

io9’s Top 100 Posts of 2023

Image: HasbroTen years ago, Hasbro announced something akin to a disturbance in the Force—and Star Wars toy fans’ wallets: The Black Series, a brand new line that would bump the iconic heroes and villains of the galaxy far, far away up to 6" scale for the first time (and away from the 3.75" scale Star Wars changed the game with).Since then, countless characters from movies, games, comics, streaming shows, and more have made their way onto our desks and shelves—classic heroes like Han, Luke, and Leia; all-new ones still

GTA 6: Could Actor From GTA 5 Also Be In The New Game? Ned Luke Weighs In

Actor Ned Luke, who played Michael in GTA V, recently appeared on Larry Lawton's YouTube show, and the interview began with a bang. Lawton introduced Luke as "Michael from Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto VI." This would be a pretty big reveal, as so far, there have been zero actors or characters confirmed for GTA VI so far beyond Lucia.The camera then cuts back to Luke, who is sporting an extremely shocked face. Luke attempts to clarify the situation, saying, "I'm not in... we don't... GTA 6 is…