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We’ve Been Wrong For More Than a Century About These Little ‘Water Balloons’ on Plants : ScienceAlert

As our understanding of the Universe around us grows, so do scientific theories. Like the one that's lasted for more than 100 years, about the function of balloon-like 'bladders' on resilient plants including quinoa.It was thought that these tiny balloons protected the plants against dangers like drought and salt. Not so, says a new study; in fact, they're designed to ward off different kinds of dangers, in the form of pests and disease.The discovery was made by researchers who wanted to explore the original hypothesis…

Seven tips for ethical shopping this Christmas

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain As you walk into a shop or go online hunting for Christmas gifts, it can feel pretty daunting. Who needs what, how much will it cost, will they like it? But also very important: am I making a good choice in where I am shopping? To tick that last (ethical) box, many of you will rightly be wanting to buy from local

Stanford Can Predict Which of Your Organs Will Fail First

A Stanford study reveals that organs age at different rates, with 20% of adults over 50 having at least one organ aging rapidly. This increases disease and mortality risks and could be detected through blood tests, leading to earlier interventions. Credit: A new study led by Stanford Medicine scientists demonstrates a simple way of studying organ aging by analyzing distinct proteins, or sets of them, in blood, enabling the prediction of individuals’ risk for diseases. Like any typical car or house or…

Astronomers Discover Infant “Escaping Star”

A groundbreaking study reveals the first observed instance of a protostar escaping its birthplace, offering new insights into the early stages of stellar migration and the mechanisms driving this process in galactic evolution. Stars disperse from their formation regions, contributing significantly to the evolution of the Galaxy. Two main mechanisms have been proposed for this dispersal in theoretical studies. Firstly, in young star systems that consist of multiple stars, gravitational interactions can result in the…

Bottleneck Overcome – Breakthrough Synthesis Method Improves Solar Cell Stability

A process developed by Rice engineers and collaborators yields 2D halide perovskite crystal layers of ideal thickness and purity through dynamic control of the crystallization process ⎯ a key step toward ensuring device stability for optoelectronics and photovoltaics. Credit: Photo by Jeff Fitlow/Rice University A study led by Rice University successfully solves the 2D halide perovskite synthesis bottleneck by controlling dynamic crystallization. Recent advancements in solar cell efficiency have been significantly…

Government and nonprofit workers are getting billions in student loan debt canceled through a public service program

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain The Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, which the George W. Bush administration created in 2007 to encourage people to work for the government and nonprofits, has grown significantly during Joe Biden's presidency. The Conversation asked economist William Chittenden to explain what this student loan program is, who is eligible and what has changed lately.

When is an aurora not an aurora? Phenomena called ‘Steve’ and ‘picket fence’ are masquerading as auroras

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain The shimmering green, red and purple curtains of the northern and southern lights—the auroras—may be the best-known phenomena lighting up the nighttime sky, but the most mysterious are the mauve and white streaks called Steve and their frequent companion, a glowing green "picket fence." First recognized in 2018 as

Traditional Chinese Medicine Shows Success in Treating Heart Failure in Clinical Trial

New research shows qiliqiangxin, a traditional Chinese medicine, effectively reduces hospitalizations and cardiovascular deaths in heart failure patients with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF). Credit: Qiliqiangxin, a traditional Chinese herb blend, effectively reduces heart failure hospitalizations and deaths, proving safe and beneficial in a large-scale clinical trial. The traditional Chinese medicine qiliqiangxin reduces hospitalization for heart failure and cardiovascular death in patients with heart…

NASA Decodes OSIRIS-REx’s Parachute Problem

OSIRIS-REx collected a half-pound sample from the surface of asteroid Bennu in October 2020. The mission’s sample return capsule landed with the aid of a parachute – like the training model shown here in an August 30 test – on September 24 at the Department of Defense’s Utah Test and Training Range in the desert outside Salt Lake City. Credit: NASA/Keegan Barber NASA’s OSIRIS-REx successfully returned samples from Bennu, despite a minor parachute deployment issue caused by wiring label discrepancies. The main parachute…

Cosmonauts remotely dock ship after autopilot glitch

A Russian cargo ship carrying 5,600 pounds of fresh supplies for the International Space Station suffered a terrible glitch, forcing cosmonauts aboard the ISS to remotely dock it. The Progress 86 spent two days in flight after an autopilot glitch forced the spacecraft off its planned route. Luckily, cosmonauts aboard the station were able to take over controls remotely and dock it safely, and NASA streamed the entire thing live on NASA TV.Progress 86 is just the latest of Russia’s spacecraft to suffer from some…