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Birth Control Targeted by Right-Wing Influencers in Wake of IVF Ruling

When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June of 2022 — destroying the constitutional right to abortion access — conservative Justice Clarence Thomas wrote in his concurring opinion that the court should also reconsider previous rulings that established the right to contraception. Less than a month later, all but 10 House Republicans voted against a proposed bill that would have enshrined access to birth control into law. Senate Republicans didn’t support the legislation, either. If it wasn’t clear then that…

Focus on influencers with smaller followings, say study

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Researchers from University of Mannheim, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Reichman University, and University of Basel published a new study that examines the effectiveness of paid influencer endorsements, particularly for DTC firms. The study, appearing in the Journal of Marketing, is titled "Revenue Generation through

Children exposed to ‘spicy’ adult fiction by BookTok influencers | Books

Parents, publishers and booksellers have generally welcomed “BookTok”, the videos on TikTok promoting literature. In an age when many worry about children spending too much time in front of a screen, reading has become “cool” on the platform.But a trend for “spicy” (ie sexy) books has led to fears children may be reading titles with adult content.Romance fiction is the genre most discussed on the app, with users referring to tropes such as “enemies to lovers” or “forbidden love”.Many of the books popular with BookTokkers,…

80% of influencers don’t disclose ad content, putting brands at risk

Four in five social media influencers do not disclose paid content, according to a new report by the European Commission. Why we care. If an influencer doesn’t clearly say that a post is an advertisement, they’re not just violating advertising guidelines, but both the influencer and the brand they’re promoting could be breaking the law.Legal requirements. In the European Union, consumer laws require influencers to be transparent in their posts. They

On Elon Musk’s X, influencers are minting money from misinformation

Influencers on X are monetizing misinformation about conflicts in the Middle East, leveraging the platform's contentious policies that researchers say prioritize engagement over accuracy. Since Elon Musk's turbulent 2022 acquisition of X, formerly Twitter, the site has restored thousands of once-banned accounts and introduced a paid verification system that critics say has boosted conspiracy theorists. X also rolled out an ad revenue-sharing program for verified users, who often peddle hateful and false information to…

The 2024 Super Bowl Embraced Influencers And Content Creators

It’s 24 hours before the biggest sporting event of the year and amid the fevered cacophony of rabid lines of fans, a looming showdown, and the city of Las Vegas, one small teenage girl only has eyes for an unassuming young woman in a Super Bowl LVIII T-shirt.  “Wait!” she says, as a family member tugs her through a crowded section of Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay Convention Center. “Wait! That’s Pierson!”  She’s referring to Pierson Wodzynski, an American YouTuber and content creator whose easy smile, freckled…

Why you might start to hate the influencers you once loved

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Tattle Life, an anonymous gossip forum, has been described as "the most toxic place on the internet." "Fake boobs, fake teeth, fake nose, fake life," "Career is down the drain; she's still so vain!" and "Always the wedding guest but never the bride" are just a selection of the thread titles on the site. People are

social media influencers: Govt set to announce national creators’ awards to recognise new-age influencers, creators

The government is set to announce the national creators' awards to recognise new-age influencers and creators, official sources said on Friday. They said the first-of-its-kind awards will be targeted at "Gen Z", a reference to the young generation hooked to the internet and social media, and will be given in nearly 20 categories. Social media influencers, such as those on YouTube and Instagram, will be in contention for the awards as well, the sources said. Elevate Your Tech Prowess with High-Value Skill CoursesOffering…

With His Own TV Show, 12 Y.O. Collaborates With Influencers To Save Shelter Dogs

“Kids these days” has always been a popular phrase to describe a younger generation who, according to the elders, is up to no good. However, there are a lot of young people who stand up to the stereotype and prove that “kids these days” are making the world a better place. Like Roman McConn, a 12-year-old animal lover who has been helping animals since he was little.More info: InstagramA true animal lover, 12-year-old Roman, has managed to save 4900 dogsShare iconImage credits: projectfreedomrideChildhood is a wonderful…

64 Times People Spotted Influencers Doing Questionable Things To Get “The Shot” (New Pics)

What wouldn't a dedicated influencer do for a good photo op... Most times, the Internet idols are ready to sacrifice their comfort and even dignity for 'the shot.' What they might not realize is that they might be taking the dignity of the people around them down with them.The IG page Influencers In The Wild is full of examples where people capture unaware social media stars taking pictures in some questionable positions. Today, the page has 5 million followers and even a board game! People have been spotting…