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GoDaddy Hit with Widespread Redirect Hack

Over the last few days, website owners, specifically those hosting on GoDaddy, have been experiencing strange redirects to various websites. These redirects don’t happen all the time, but they seem to happen when a user first visits a page or refreshes it enough times to trigger it. I first stumbled upon this issue when visiting a website of a favorite restaurant of mine. Instead of seeing a page with pictures of food, menus, etc., I was presented with a fake AV page. How it works Like with other security issues I…

NASA Aims to Redirect Asteroid in DART Mission’s First Attempt at Planetary Defence

Ten months after launch, NASA's asteroid-deflecting DART spacecraft neared a planned impact with its target on Monday in a test of the world's first planetary defense system, designed to prevent a doomsday collision with Earth.The cube-shaped "impactor" vehicle, roughly the size of a vending machine with two rectangular solar arrays, was on course to fly into the asteroid Dimorphos, about as large as a football stadium, and self-destruct around 7pm EDT (4:30 IST) some 6.8 million miles (11 million km) from Earth.The…

Microsoft Will Automatically Redirect Internet Explorer Users to Edge

Microsoft will start redirecting the Internet Explorer users to the Edge browser automatically over the next few months. Microsoft recently announced the retirement of its oldest browser, Internet Explorer and said that the future of Internet Explorer is now Microsoft Edge. Users will see a prompt when using Internet Explorer saying that the browser is no longer supported, and they'll need to use Microsoft Edge. Also, Microsoft will soon release an update that will permanently disable Internet Explorer on Windows.…